Sometimes I just want to run away in the middle of the night and never come back.
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this took a while for me to make because i couldnt stop laughing enjoy

tiny & squishy (´⌣`ʃƪ) ♥


dmmd + lips


Don’t panick! Tokyo Ghoul manga is NOT ENDING!  Here it states that “第一部完“, which means that it’s the end of the FIRST PART of the manga. Which means there will be a second part.

So this is why "凛、大胆!" is so popular on twitter right now...

  • Interviewer: I'm interested in what Haruka will choose in these final three episodes, given that he's written "free" regarding his future thus far. Please give our readers a message, including the points you want them to pay attention to.
  • Hatta: Please look forward to what will become of Haruka's response after saying "I have no dream" in episode 9.
  • Yokotani: Rather than HOW Haruka will change, WHY he changes will be something to pay attention to.
  • Hatta: And Rin will take rather bold action, won't he?
  • Yokotani: Yup! Bold, indeed (haha). Please enjoy a development akin to raging waves!


hes coming

I knew you’d be able to protect the earl.
As expected from the butler.


Makoto wants to be Haru’s rival, thinking he’s only just his friend.


Sousuke wants to be Rin’s friend, thinking he’s only just his rival.