Sometimes I just want to run away in the middle of the night and never come back.
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the thing about free is that its like super intense and kind of uncomfortably realistic?? like in haikyuu is just “VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL ONLY VOLLEYBALL FOREVER” and big windup is like “baseball! and friendship!! friendship and baseball!!!” but free is like “THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. WHERE ARE YOU GOING IN LIFE. SOUSUKE IS IN SERIOUS PAIN AND MAY NOT SWIM AGAIN. RINS DAD IS DEAD”


It’s all the same as me. The same.

That butler, encouragement


-Does it have the same things that you and normal people have on their faces?

-It’s fine. It’s all there. Eyes,nome, mouth… It’s all the same as me.

-The same…The same as Master



Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. No matter what.

He’s smiling… probably.