Sometimes I just want to run away in the middle of the night and never come back.
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Making of Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (directed by Mamoru Hosoda)


This is one of my ways to say thank you to the people around who had been very important for me during these years, months, or this season as well. I’ve really enjoyed this summer thanks to a lot of friends who had cheered me up both when I was upset as when I was fine: they made me be even happier. I have shared a lot of great moments with you and I’m keeping these memories, these feelings, very very very inside my heart, I surely won’t forget this period of time (if my brain can keep all the jokes we’ve made so far, lol). I’m happy that I got such a very good friends by my side, I’m so glad I met you. Thank you (YOU SHOWED ME THE BEST SIGHT I COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR I had to say it at least once sorry not sorry).

I also want to greet the people I’ve followed here without knowing them in other social networks. I’ve discovered a lot of wonderful blogs I want to share my love to. Thanks for your beautiful posts, for your tags and for your words of joy and passion you say to your fandoms that make this website even brighter. I hope we can get to know each other better in the future! Even if I’ve talked to anyone of you once at least.

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